Our working knowledge of the market, systems, processes and most importantly – people, guarantees insights, competitiveness and opportunities in media.

Channel Planning and Strategy

Our combination of independent ownership and agnostic channel buying means we have the ability to deliver media solutions that best meet campaign objectives.

Strategies are built on a deep understanding of campaign objectives, target audiences and reaching the right audiences based on their media consumption habits.

Sandbox works with all of Australia and New Zealand’s leading media owners and agents as well as with all levels of advertising and communication agencies. We help our clients use Media as a strategic tool with a clear focus on return on investment.

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Media Buying and Negotiation

From TV, radio, Digital to out-of-home and print. We develop, negotiate and buy regional, national and international media that gets results.

Because we’re channel agnostic we approach strategy development without pre-conceived notions of media mix. Strategies are developed once we know and understand the campaign objectives, the target audience and how they interact with and consume media.

We combine smart strategy, planning and buying for tangible, commercial results.

Digital Media

The digital world doesn’t just exist on devices anymore. Today digital is everywhere. In fact it won’t be long before we drop the term completely. Because when you search and browse, when you watch and listen, where you meet and connect and where you buy are all digital touch-points today.

At Sandbox we help our clients both understand their digital customers intimately as well devise the most effective media plans to reach them. We employ search, social, display, video, TV, Out of Home and a multitude of other touch-points for smart and tailored campaigns. Contact us to learn how we can help you win in digital.

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Social Media

Just as we do with our own clients, our primary aim with social media is to help you build trusted, long-term relationships with your customers. A strong social presence drives awareness, encourages trial and builds brand loyalty.

Our social campaigns are unique to every business, combining differing degrees of posts, ads and communication to ensure your audience is always appreciated and engaged.

Social is such a critical channel in today’s marketing and media world it is imperative it is considered and managed expertly. The opportunities are enormous but so too are the pitfalls. Contact Sandbox to get it right.


The Sandbox search team are experts in researching and understanding the search behaviours of both your customers and your competitors.  Armed with this knowledge and combined with our extensive search experience we prepare highly efficient and effective search campaigns to achieve your objectives specifically.

We combine Organic and Paid initiatives to maximise the search environments as well as aligning search programs with all other marketing initiatives to deliver a holistic and consistent strategy across your marketing mix.

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Real-time Programmatic Media Buying is exploding across all media channels worldwide. Leveraging intelligent data from multiple collection points and applying real-time bidding technology, Programmatic Buying delivers highly targeted and optimised campaigns. Done well, Programmatic allows you to reach your audience like never before.

Whilst the technology behind Programatic drives actual spot buying, it remains the skill and experience of campaign managers to ensure campaign alignment with both business and brand objectives. Do you need a skilled partner to ensure you get the very best from Programatic? Contact Sandbox Media today and let us help you lead.


Every brand has a story. We tell stories that inspire, change perception and build brands. Our years of experience in TV advertising and digital ensure that we know how to dig deep, building compelling communication for your brand, product or service.


No matter what the medium, we have the expertise to deliver. We control quality and workflow, delivering great content to a high standard on time and on budget.

The Sydney facility includes a huge sound stage capable of delivering Live Streaming, Live Broadcast to major networks plus there is Audio Record, Mix and Visual design. The studio is fully equipped with Lighting, 4k HD Camera’s and Sound recording equipment.

Keen to understand how we can help YOU with your media?