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The word “Data” is often used liked it’s a game of bingo. Data and first party data is critical but if it’s not being interpreted or used correctly, its just data. 

At Sandbox, we understand the rules and confidentiality around your data. We secure it and respect it. We have incredibly smart people and partners that dive deep into the data and work with you to identify insights. This helps drive business investment decisions, plan for growth and the future.

Data is just the start. Our access to all the agency research tools provides you with another layer to matching the right audiences at the right place, right time and right media type. It’s about maximising your impact. Research is about being curious. We like to challenge the data with real human experience and are not afraid to override what the machine says.

Then there is a commitment to additional research sources…. reading and talking to media partners, industry bodies, government reports and more. We get the latest surveys, micro research documents and category white papers which can highlight changes to consumer behaviour and audience shifts. In turn, this may be a catalyst for course correction or reaffirming the right direction.

The data and the research informs the strategy. It’s a collaborative effort with you. We are part of your team. This is our service and commitment to you.

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