Frequently Asked Questions about Media

What is Ad Serving?

Ad serving is the technology which allows the placement of advertisements on a website or application.

What is a Demographic?

A demographic, otherwise known as a demo, describes a person or group of people based on a number of factors such as age, sex and life stage. Advertisers like to target specific demographics that align with their product offer.

What is Programmatic Trading?

Programmatic Trading is the automated process of buying and selling online advertising based on impressions, timing to a target an agreed Audience Segment. The technology used to trade frequently updates over the course of the campaign to ensure expected audience delivery targets have been made.

What is a Unique Viewer?

A unique viewer is a single unduplicated profile of an individual person across all devices.

What is Reach/Cumulative Reach?

Reach counts the total number of different people exposed to an advertisement over a campaign period.It is often expressed as a percentage.

What is Frequency?

Frequency is the amount of times an individual person has been exposed to an advertising campaign over the course of the campaign.

What is a TARP?

The term TARP is an acronym for Target Audience Rating Point. It is a measurement used when purchasing TV and refers to the proportion of a specified demographic exposed to a television program or advertising campaign.

What is the Modern Slavery Act?

Modern slavery describes situations where offenders use coercion, threats or deception to exploit victims and undermine their freedom.

Practices that constitute modern slavery can include:

  • human trafficking
  • slavery
  • servitude
  • forced labour
  • debt bondage
  • forced marriage, and
  • the worst forms of child labour

Modern slavery is a term used to describe serious exploitation. It does not include practices like substandard working conditions or underpayment of workers, though these practices are also harmful and may be present in some situations of modern slavery. For further information on workplace rights and obligations in Australia, please visit the Australian Government Fair Work Ombudsman website.

Sandbox Media Pty Ltd is not subject to the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth) that commenced operation on 1 January 2019. As a leader in our industry, Sandbox Media is committed to reduce the risk of vulnerable workers in their operations and supply chains becoming exposed to modern slavery.

Sandbox Media recognises the importance of our commitment to ensure the operation of our business is done in an ethical and lawful manner by ensuring we only work with those businesses who have legal and fair business principles.

Sandbox Media expects our suppliers to operate in accordance with all applicable modern slavery laws including those prohibiting human slavery and slavery like practices, human trafficking and child labour. We value and observe all laws regarding corporate social responsibility, environmental and workplace safety protection, staff inclusion and diversity.

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