Our passion is to help build our clients’ brands and businesses.
Our mission is to deliver them the greatest impact for their spend.

The Stuff that Matters

When you strip away the industry speak and agency sales pitches, what’s left is the stuff that matters – the work and the results. Our work builds brands, creates new customers and sells. It is ultimately why our clients choose to partner with us.

At Sandbox we don’t deliver one-size-fits-all plans. Sandbox are different. We are independent and channel-agnostic so we plan and buy media in accordance with the campaign strategy and the behaviours of the SPECIFIC audiences we are targeting for our clients. Our independence means we buy what is right for our clients, always.

With over 165 years of combined experience in both media sales and buying in Australia we are about as connected as we can be in this tight knit industry. These close working relationships do not happen overnight. We have developed and cultivated our media relationships over many years. When you partner with Sandbox you know you are partnering with the who’s who of the Australian and New Zealand Media industry, something that’s meaningful for both your campaign spend and results.

The Sandbox Media Team


The Sandbox team is comprised exclusively of media specialists. Experts who optimise campaign effectiveness and extract maximum value from client media investments.

Anthony Colreavy, FOUNDER

Media professionals. Keen to join Australia’s leading independent agency?